mercredi 12 décembre 2007

TV Journal #5

The first thing that I learned from watching this program is my improvement in the English language. I learned a lot of jokes in English and I can listen faster to what they said. I recommend this show to other students because it's purely American and only English expression. I recommend also this show because it's funny and it's not very complicated to understand the jokes and the situation in the program. I think that it is easy for someone who listens to this program because it's very funny and the caracter have the same age than us, student.

TV Journal #4

I had just arived at Forman's House when i suprised Eric, Fez and Kelso with a toy, that i was drawing on, around a table in the basement, because i was busted with marijuana. When i was to a restaurant jackie came in to thank me for saying that this bag of marijuana was to me and not to her, when it was to Jackie's. I saved her of lot of trouble, but i was stuck with an other big problem. Red Forman wants to kick me out of his house, because i was busted with dope. At supper, we had a talk with the family Forman and finally Red decided to kick ne out of his house. I didn't want to betray Jackie si i decided to leave the house and go with Leo my boss to the photoshop. The problem was Jackie thinks that i did that because i was in love with her, but it wasn't this it was just to help my friend. When Donna knew this event by Jackie, she went directly to Red and told Kitty Forman the truth. So Red decided not to put me out of his house. Red doubted that we could smoke in the basement, because of the marijuana, so he decided to put a smoke detector in this basement. I was happy to stay finally at Forman's house.

lundi 8 octobre 2007

Past tense

The story began in a Halloween night. Fez was dressed up as Batman for Halloween. He was dressed as Batman, because he didn't know that if he knoked one door and said «Trick or treat» he could receive some candy. He didn't know because he came from another country. So he did it, but he received an apple... The six friends didn't know what to do for this special night so Kelso had the idea to go see a movie it was « The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ». After the movie, Donna, Eric, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso and Fez went to a place somewhere, where they found some permanent records on each person. His records talked about their old school and their private things, like the middle name of Jackie, Piula. When they read these files and began to dispute among themselves for noting, they were thinking that these files were evil. They destroyed these files by burning them but Kelso said that they couldn't be destroyed this way because they came from evil. So, they went to dig into the ground so that these files could never be found again.

mercredi 5 septembre 2007

Who are the caracters?

The principal's caracters of the episode of «That 70's Show», are Eric, Donna, Hyde, Micheal Kelso, Jackie, Fez, Laurie, Kitty Forman and Red Forman. Kitty and Red are the parents of Eric and Laurie. The girlfriend of Eric is Donna. Laurie, is a girl who sees many boys including Kelso. The real name of Kelso is Macheal Kelso but his friends call him Keslo. Hyde, the friend of Eriec, lives in Eric's basement because the Forman family adopted him. They adopted him because the Hyde's family wasn't taking care of him. Fez comes from another country and became the friend of this gang because he follows them after they freed him from a closet. the characters like Keslo, Jackie and Fez are all friends of Eric, Donna and Hyde and they are all around seventeen years old in the season one. This is why they are always in Eric's basement. The «That 70's Show», story is about their friendships and their adventures together.